Review: Providencia Hostage

Behind every name is a story, whether is the name given to you behind your parents, the name of a corporation, the name of a wine or in this case the name of a Cigar.

Jim Faber, professional soccer player / coach and missionary, was in Honduras from 1997 – 2011. During this time he had the opportunity to help build the community around Soccer, teaching the kids, coaching teams, and building a soccer field for the community to come and enjoy the game. The community was also surrounded by drug gangs and cartel. This posed a danger to Jim and the community but that didn’t stop them from their work. Jim and his partner Ray are able to tell the next part of this story much better than I, so if you ever have the opportunity to meet them, ask them. Jim tells about one particular day that he was taken by gun point and forced into the car of a drug gang. He reminisces about the part when the fathers of the kids, whom he taught and coached soccer to, came to his aid. Amidst all of the gun fire he was able to escape to safety. The police spoke with Jim afterwards told Jim how the Mexican gang had moved into the area and heard about his work improving the community and felt the need to stop him. Had Jim not escaped thanks to the community, he likely would not be here.

While Jim was in Honduras he grew to learn more about cigars and love them. The line of cigars started off with the El Padre and El Santo in 2016 and began their reputation for quality blends in the boutique market. The Hostage is their fourth cigar in what is now a nice portfolio of incredible blends and named in honor and memory of Jim’s escape.

The Hostage is a Mexican San Andreas wrapper with Ligero fillers from Indonesia, Nicaragua, and Honduras giving it a full body, yet complex profile. The cold draw, nose, and inital draws will give you hints of cream, chocolate, and subtle hints of star anise. Through out the smoke these hints of notes will stay, however, you will begin to notice notes of wood and peppery spice as you transition towards the final third of the smoke. Paring this cigar in the morning with a nice coffee or in the evening with a Wheat Bourbon or Cognac will present nice complimentary flavors and help create an enjoyable evening.

While you are out on your cigar hunting expeditions, pick up on one from Providencia, and pay close attention to the names of what you smoke. There’s a story to be heard.


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