Review: Underground Cigar Shop

Underground Cigars

Every now and then in life you will come across a “hole in the wall” type shop that leaves you with life time memories and a desire to visit again many times over. Often times these types of shops are “mom-n-pop” restaurants, antique shops, gift shops, craft shops. This time for me it is a cigar shop called the Underground.

Matthew, a friend of mine, had recommended the shop to me as I was asking him about some of the cigars he was smoking. I was familiar with some of the boutique lines such as Providencia and Rojas but little did I know what I was getting myself into until I walked in through the doors.

When you first come to the Underground you will notice their very unique parking lot as it is surrounded by barbed and razor wire fence. This didn’t phase me one bit, rather it added to the intrigue as to what I would find inside. When you walk into the door you will likely find “Chef” Todd either behind the counter helping a FOTL, family of the leaf, or in the lounge area talking up with the other family members. Now a brief detour before we get back to the shop. When I say family members understand that when you smoke a cigar that is what you are, a Brother or Sister of the Leaf. We will get back to this in a moment, so let us get back to the shop and its humidor.

The humidor, while small, is packed with labels that you will not find in most cigar lounges. The Underground specializes in the boutique market of cigars and have made their name known because of this. With a client list that spans across the globe, selling cigars to clients in Ireland, Alaska, Hawaii, and all across the continental, this is the place to find the boutique cigar. Chef Todd and Don, one of the owners, know their lineup and can recommend to you any type of cigar you want regardless of your pallet.

The lounge consists of recliners that are positioned around the room so that any and all conversations are directed into the center of the lounge. This enhances that feeling of being part of the family that we were talking about earlier. All people from all walks of life are welcome and part of the family as soon as they walk through the door and take a seat so be prepared to become part of this family. You will often find food for all available and especially if you are there on a Saturday as there are many Chefs and Pit masters who make the Underground their home away from home.

So if you are out looking for something new and would not mind expanding your collection of exceptional cigars. Come by The Underground, choose one or more of their many boutique lines including Rojas, Providencia, Cavalier, BLTC, Mike Bellody, 262, Dissident, OSOK, DC, Ezra Zion, and Drunken Chicken. You might even be sitting down and talking with one of the owners of those lines while you are there.

You will not be disappointed and welcome to the family.

Underground Cigars
3129 Erie St
Fort Worth, TX 76112
(817) 507-3640