Review: Ron’s Corner Tavern

Ron's Corner Tavern

Tavern, Bar, Saloon, Pub, whatever you want to call it, in the end this is your favorite place to meet with your friends and enjoy a drink. Located in the corner of a small shopping strip in Bedford Texas, Ron’s Corner Tavern embodies everything you come to think of in a corner tavern.

Ron’s has a vast menu listing over 60 different Whiskey’s, 20 Scotchs, and 50 Brews, including over 20 Craft Brews on tap for you to choose from. The bar itself is a long thin solid oak bar reminiscent of what I would imagine that I would see in a speakeasy in the 20’s and 30’s. The tavern is decorated with memorabilia over the walls, a few televisions with the requested game, and solid oak bar and has plenty of seating area matching the bar itself. If you are hungry you can order from their sister club which is located next door and the staff will bring your food to you. In between Ron’s and their sister club is a large patio where there is plenty of space available if you want to enjoy your drink along with your friends outside.

While everything I’ve described so far is enough to bring someone to Ron’s for the first time, it’s not enough to get you to revisit. So far I’ve been to Ron’s about a dozen times over the past year and what brings me back each time is the staff. The servers, bar tenders, and even the bar back are all there to make sure that your visit is pleasant and that your needs are met. The bar tenders know their inventory, can suggest an alternate if your favorite drink is out of stock, or can suggest something new to you to satisfy your adventures. The servers are always watching to make sure that your glass is never empty and are ready to offer suggestions on a style of craft brew, peaty scotch, or a new rye they may have in stock.

Whether you are new to the Dallas-Fort Worth area or are just looking for a new place to enjoy a nice drink. Stop on into Ron’s Corner Tavern, you won’t be disappointed.

Ron’s Corner Tavern
1829 Airport Fwy
Bedford, Tx 76021